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At Sheffield Scientific, we pride ourselves on being your comprehensive strategy partner. With expertise spanning across a diverse array of industries, including aerospace and oil and gas, our full suite of consulting services is tailored to meet your unique needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to streamline the latest advancements in cyber security, industry technologies and applications. Count on us to optimize your asset and work management programs efficiently, ensuring your individual requirements are met with utmost dedication.


Addressing Cybersecurity Demands

Industry experts estimate that over the next decade annual global production for aircraft is predicted to increase by 25 percent. The aerospace industry faces several security challenges to reach that demand including:

  • Technological advancement and data requirements

  • Safety concerns

  • Digitalization coupled with proper cyber security 

  • Increase uniformity of cybersecurity standards

In addition to new technology emerging in the aerospace industry, the sheer volume of technology being used daily can open organizations up to cybersecurity threats. It’s difficult for aerospace organizations to find a single source of truth. Our team is composed of industry leaders, engineers, technicians, and consultants that understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We seamlessly integrate with your existing teams to optimize your capabilities. 


Aligning Technology and Processes

The power generation industry has the potential to provide clean and abundant energy, but these challenges hinder its growth and development. The main challenges faced by this industry include:

  • Waste management 

  • High capital costs

  • Regulatory changes and adaptation  

All these world challenges have tended to increase the opportunities for power and strengthen the achievements in power development, including its safe operation.

Workers walking in the control room of an electrical plant.

Sheffield Scientific supports the alignment of technology and processes such as operational excellence of power plants based on existing or new solutions and system guidance. This includes process design plus Enterprise Asset Management and Plant Life-cycle Management solutions aimed at both the extension of existing nuclear power plant life, as well as streamlining new construction. 

The typical profile of these engagements are the implementations of contemporary best-of-breed technologies (IBM Maximo®, and SAP) and supporting processes based upon the leading practices as defined by present industry regulatory bodies (NRC, INPO, NEI, ANS, etc.). Sheffield Scientific's Nuclear talent is based in the U.S. and North America. 


Leveraging Industry Best Practices


Impressions about the future of the oil and gas industry are decidedly mixed. The oil and gas industry face objections that impact growth and performance.

Leaders in this industry trust Sheffield Scientific to deploy asset management and regulatory compliance solutions to enable safe and profitable operations. Our experience of upstream, midstream, and downstream enterprises combines our extensive industry expertise with state-of-the-art technology. 

Some of the major challenges  oil & gas leaders are currently seeing include:

  • Reducing production costs to remain competitive in the global market

  • Improving systems performance and efficiency

  • Meeting stringent environmental regulations and reducing emissions

  • Dealing with skills shortage and aging workforce

  • Managing security threats and negative perception

  • Updating aging equipment and infrastructure



Seamless Asset Management Solutions

The challenges faced by the public sector have intensified over the last few years. The demands on public services are evolving rapidly, as the way people interact with the public sector changes, together with their expectations. Also, continuously shrinking budgets continue to cause strain, which means “working smarter” and transforming the way services are delivered is crucial to success in this unstable environment.

Sheffield Scientific assists state, federal and local entities with performing day-to-day operations with a variety of solutions for managing their facilities, cataloging of physical assets, and employing GIS technology to map their assets across large geographic areas.

  • Improved management and monitoring of compliance efforts

  • More effective maintenance activities

  • Reduced records management costs

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Complete Solutions for Work and Asset Management Across All Business Units

The utilities industry is at the center of a massive global shift. They shoulder much of the responsibility of this immense transition, and the actions they take now will have a profound impact on society for generations to come. They face several challenges today. Some of these challenges include:

  • Dated infrastructure

  • New and more stringent directives or regulations

  • Renewable integration

  • Cybersecurity threats

  • Grid reliability

Many of the largest retail and wholesale electric utilities generating and delivering power throughout the world rely on Sheffield Scientific for EAM advisory, Security and IBM Maximo® implementation services.


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